Writing Prompt #2 – Acts of Kindness

First, thanks to the small group of folks who are helping to slowly roll this blog concept out. Here are some posts in response to the last writing prompt. If you posted and I didn’t receive a pingback or link you here, please let me know!


New Dawn Fades


Since it’s MLK day as I write this post, I’m focusing this prompt on kindness. In my life, I’ve experienced a lot of kindness towards me, and I try my best to pass that kindness on as often as I can. I’d love to hear you share stories of kindness you’ve experienced, witnessed, or participated in. ❤

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  2. onewoman · January 18, 2016

    Hey, it’s Eve and I’m doing this 🙂 And I’m trying not to freak over what feels like an incomplete post. Time. Time and patience. So here’s a direct link to the post in response to this prompt #2 (I also linked from the post–is that enough, I’m rusty on the blogging thing and was never very clear about pinging thingies):


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